The Painter Coach

"Art is the image of man himself. I mean, when you face up to art, you face up to yourself." Joseph Beuys


My concept for coaching harnesses the power that lies behind Beuys’ statement, and involves me painting you during our coaching. You don’t have to think of yourself as a creative person, and

you won’t be pressured into doing any painting yourself.  


I strongly believe in art’s ability to take us to higher levels of understanding. I paint intuitively, which  

means that the portrait accompanies the coaching as a form of non-verbal communication. This allows access to topics that might otherwise remain hidden, while respecting a client’s boundaries.  


Everything I paint in the session belongs to the client, who may do whatever feels right with it at the end of the session. Everything is possible, from framing and display on a wall, to the rubbish bin or a ritual burning – the client decides.


Apart from the fact that I occasionally use a brush, I use the same systemic methods that you can expect from professional coaching. (See Business Coach, below, for more details)


What customers say about me:


"My portrait has a phenomenally powerful visual language. Even after the coaching, it gives me strength and trust because it hangs in my bedroom and my eyes are caught again and again. 


What's impressive is which lines were created at which point in time during the coaching, something magical resonates." 

Tam T. from Munich 

Business Coach

Are you dissatisfied with your life or your professional situation? Are you looking for support in implementing your visions and creating new perspectives? 


With systemic coaching methods I accompany you on your way to the development of your own solutions. In contrast to classical consulting, you will find your own individual path here. The fact that you develop your insights yourself makes it your own personal process, and that gives it even more value. 


In coaching we get to the roots of topics in structured conversations, both in the private and in the professional area (e.g. leadership, communication and cooperation). 


The objectives of these discussions include the assessment and development of personal competencies and perspectives, suggestions for self-reflection or the resolution of conflicts with employees, colleagues or superiors. 


In my role as a coach, I always act as a neutral and non-judgemental dialogue partner. Depending on the target requirements, I use tools from the entire spectrum of personnel and management development.


What customers say about me:


Many thanks! – Inge’s coaching revealed to me the way to make progress.” Peter J. from Munich. 

Job Coaching

An important part of my work is job coaching. I advise and coach job seekers and those who are looking to take their careers in a new direction. I have a very practical approach and I will work with you to develop a suitable approach individually tailored to your needs and circumstances.


My focus is on the following areas

  • Professional design of application documents
  • Optimisation of curriculum vitae
  • Support in writing the right cover letter
  • Preparation for the job interview, self-presentation
  • Analysis of strengths and potential
  • Support in the search for suitable positions

Depending on the preparatory work you have already done, two to four sessions are often enough to get you started on your job search in a clearly structured way, or to make you confident and well prepared for a job interview. As an experienced language trainer, I can also support you if German is not your mother tongue. I also offer job coaching in English.

Training within Businesses


“He who ceases to try to be better has ceased to be good.”

Philip Rosenthal 


My focus is on team building and communication. In addition, I offer training courses to businesses to help them improve communication with their employees. And you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m happy to use creative approaches to achieve this.


Participants describe me as pragmatic, open and humorous, and I don't take myself too seriously. Empathy, analytical ability and a keen understanding of human nature are further qualities that are attributed to me.


Contact me if you would like to know more.


Relevant background Information:


- Master (UEL) in Organizational Psychology at Tavistock Clinic, London 

- Training as a Business Coach and Trainer with 675 hours at the BBK in Munich

- BDVT Member

- Extensive experience in my own therapy (one-to-one, group therapy and psychoanalysis). So, my topics stay with myself and we concentrate on yours.



Inge Schlaile
Inge Schlaile



I would be happy to come to your company premises. Otherwise I work in Englschalking, Neuhausen and offer coaching in Hausham (easy to reach with the BRB from Munich main station). The latter can also be combined with a walk-and-talk in the hills around Schliersee.